Before: The original online mortgage loan application site was not very intuitive from a consumer standpoint. Typical consumers, especially first-time home buyers, will not understand if they should fill out the short or long application and probably be creeped out by the chatbot.
After: The new application technology allowed me to create a cleaner, more intuitive look that has a more friendly tone for customers. The new version features a large "Apply For A Loan Now" button to draw customers to apply. The Resources tab includes tips for what one needs to apply for a mortgage or refinancing as well as helpful calculators. Of course, the "Log In" button is very easily accessible and not lost in a sea of text. Contact information has dedicated space in the lower right corner of the footer.
The resources page includes iconography and text to guide the user where they need to go.
Mobile Version: The mobile version is clean, friendly, and responsive.
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